Meet a few of the Experts behind every Kimberley Homes plan.



Blair and Braydee are two of the experts who work on all of our homes. Their background is in drafting, planning, and design. We recently sat down with Blair & Braydee to get their perspective on this exciting – and challenging – design.

Hello Team! Thanks for sitting down with us today to chat about this custom infill home in Grandview, Edmonton. Our readers have already learned a bit about how this home came together, but we wanted to get your expert view!


KH: This turned out to be a very spectacular home! But was there one feature that the clients were particularly excited about?

B&B: The clients were most excited about the Owner’s Suite. There were a few challenges based on the footprint of the home, and their list of must-haves. But we worked directly with Amie and the Clients to ensure every detail was perfect! It took a lot of back-and-forth, but ultimately, we were able to optimize the available space for the clients. And in the end we created some unique features that the clients were really happy about!

KH: It’s great to hear that you were able to take a challenging space and make it really work for the clients. What were some other “exciting” challenges about this home?

B&B: One challenge that we were really excited about from the Client’s perspective was the grading in the rear yard.


KH: Grading, as in the slope of the yard? How did you overcome this challenge to the client’s benefit?

B&B: Well, the slope created an opportunity for us to build a partial walkout. This benefited the clients as they now could have larger windows in the basement. Something that could have been an issue turned out to be a reward!


KH: It sounds like these clients really benefited from your expertise to take advantage of a specific site consideration. What other perks can the clients expect from having an in-house drafting team?

B&B: It is absolutely a huge benefit for our Clients, having an in-house drafting team. We work closely with them and their Infill Expert, going back and forth to ensure every detail is accounted for. And at no extra cost. Turnaround time is also a big advantage to having in-house drafting. Depending on the complexity of the revisions, we can often have plan changes turned around very quickly. This ensures the Infill Expert is fully prepared for each meeting with their Clients. And it cuts down on the time between signing your agreement and getting your home in the ground.

KH: Now, we know that Kimberley Homes takes care of the permitting process for all of our Infill Clients. Were there any special considerations with this home design?

B&B: There were definitely some special considerations with this home design. Previous owners of the home had planted a tree near the front of the property. Its placement so close to the front curb dictated that we had to save it. And this directly impacted the design and location of the driveway. Consideration of the shape of the driveway seems like a small detail, but was very important to these Clients. Something that was a pain point at the beginning of the process actually turned out to be a beautiful feature now that the home is complete.


Overall, the permit process was extensive with this home. In addition to the concern with the driveway shape, we had to use the community consultation process. This involved garnering support of the community during the design phase. Working with the relevant partners, we made sure the design would not disrupt the aesthetic of the neighbourhood.


Overall, the curb appeal of this home is stunning! We think the neighbours must be very proud to see such a gorgeous home in their community.

KH: Thanks so much for giving us a behind the scenes look at this home! Is there anything else you want to add about your perspective on the Client’s Experience when building with Kimberley Homes?

B&B: Everyone at Kimberley takes particular care regarding attention to detail. We have a large team going over the home to ensure every detail is taken care of to our highest standards. Having those extra sets of eyes going over a plan ensures we give our Clients the best service, and a level of expertise that is unmatched.


Thanks Blair & Braydee for giving us some insight into the design process at Kimberley Homes!



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