We work with you

As your New Home Expert, I take pride in planning and designing a home you will love.


I met these clients a few years ago, and since then have been working with them to make sure they get the home of their dreams! Let me briefly introduce myself and my role in your home building journey.

I have worked in the new home industry for 14 years, the last 7 with Kimberley Homes. As a New Home Expert, my role is to ensure you build the home that is right for your family. I help design, price, and plan your home, using your input and the expertise of our Team. I love to work with custom homes, and take great pride in making sure your vision is realized and you have an amazing experience throughout the entire process.

Choosing a home builder is tough, I get it. That’s why I am so passionate about my role, and about Kimberley Homes. We make it easy, and I’m with you every step of the way.




These are the basic steps I take with all of my clients, but keep in mind that each individual and family get a personalized service, as they all have different needs, schedules, situations, etc.

I ask a lot of questions! About where you work, your family, your future plans and goals, where you like to hang out, what you do in your leisure time, and more. This helps me get to know you and your family, and it also helps us plan what needs to be in your new home!

I also like to find out what you have seen out there already in your new home search, and what you wish you would see, but haven’t found yet. This may seem like a lot of information, but it honestly helps so much to really “dig in” in these early days.


It can be hard for many people to visualize the components of their future home when they only exist as a few written lines, so I use a lot of different visual aids throughout the process, each one tailored to the client. I have been doing this for a long time so I appreciate the trust my clients give me when I pull together an inspiration board so they can understand and see the design ideas for their home. I want you to feel confident that not only am I working in your best interest, but that we are also on the same page! To be honest, a Pinterest board is one of the easiest – and most fun – tools for me and my clients in this early planning stage. And it works!


Your lot and the exterior of your home are equally important as the interior, and I work directly with my clients to maximize all the features of the location. I personally visit your land or lot so that I can get an idea of what we are working with, and plan accordingly. And then here come the questions again! What features of your lot are you most excited about? What do you like to do in your yard? Where is the garage going to go and what are you going to use this space for?

At the same time this is happening, we are talking exteriors, and getting an idea of the overall look you are going for. These clients went with a more traditional style, but again I work with your style & taste – and the trusty Pinterest Board – to find an exterior style that you love! Did you know that the shape of the home and the interior layout will determine what the outside will be able to look like?

We get an RPR (Real Property Report) which shows me the building pocket – the “footprint” – of your home and where the garage needs to go. All of this fits together to provide you with a good picture of how the outside of your future home will look.


I hope this gives you a good idea about the general first steps I take with my clients during the early planning stages. Watch for my next post about the ins and outs of the City’s permitting process! And if you are ready to get started on your own infill journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

-Amie Brown, New Home Expert


If you have any questions about building an infill home, we are more than happy to help. Experts like Amie are available to give you more information as you get started on your Infill Journey with Kimberley!