Possession day is such an exciting time for all of our homeowners! All of the hard work is finally complete, and it’s time to move on to the next chapter. But first, there are some important items to take care of. Like any step in the process, we turn to one of our Experts to ensure a smooth possession day walkthrough.


Deen – their Site Superintendent – starts the walkthrough by showing the Homeowners how all of their systems work. This includes all the mechanical elements in the utility room – furnace, HRV, hot water tank, etc. But he also covers the “smaller” things, like your eco-thermostat and bathroom fan. Essentially, Deen is there to teach you how to “use your home”.

He also covers maintenance items, which are especially important to ensure compliance with your warranty.

There are circumstance when something in the home wasn’t finished in time for possession. In those cases, it is documented on the Alberta New Home Warranty Possession Deficiency list. This list is registered with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program and keeps us accountable to finish those items as soon as we can. Kimberley Homes is an outstanding member of the Program. We were awarded the Platinum Award of Distinction for 25 years of no unresolved claims.


After the walk-through is complete, Deen reviews all warranty information. This includes an introduction – albeit usually not in person! – to our dedicated Homeowner Service Team. Within the first few weeks after possession our Clients can expect a “Trade Day”. This is a dedicated time for any trades or service personnel to take care of those last outstanding items. We do our best to accommodate any work on one to two days, as we value your time and want to respect your schedule.

Building a quality home is only half of the equation; warranty is a big part of the process. Every home is bound to have the odd squeak, or something that needs to be addressed after using the home for a while. Our full service Warranty Team takes over to ensure our clients are well taken care in the months following possession.



Once all the serious items are taken care of, Deen hands over the keys and the fun begins for our clients! While we recommend scheduling your appliance install for the day following your possession date, you can start moving in now! Many of the common questions we get about moving are easily addressed by your Move-In Concierge. We encourage you to call or text them for quick assistance with utility transfers, mail forwarding, or a pre-ordered dinner delivered to your new door!


Finally, don’t be surprised if your New Home Expert or Client Concierge shows up for a tour, takes some photos, and leaves a special gift! Amie will always check in with her clients in the weeks following their possession date. This gives her a chance to follow up with how move in went, and how they are adjusting to their new community. It also gives our homeowners a chance to ask their Expert any questions that came up after possession. The relationship we build with our Clients doesn’t end when they get the keys.


While the Kimberley Experience is far from over, enjoying their new home is just beginning for this family!


Thank you for joining us on this journey in Grandview! To view our current projects and learn more about our Infill Homes in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and beyond, click here.